T1.1 - Organizing and conducting the project kick-off meeting

T1.2 - Establishment of the Project Management Board

T1.3 - Establishment of the Project Steering Committee

T1.4 - Correction and approval of the project Work Plan (Work Plan B)

T1.5 - Distribution roles and tasks within the project consortium

T1.6 - Signing the project partnership agreements

T1.7 - Approval of the project QA Plan, Communication and Dissemination Strategy and Sustainability strategy

T1.8 - Conducting regular project coordination meetings

T1.9 - Control and monitoring delivery of the project

T1.10 - Identifying, preventing and monitoring risks in the project life

T1.11 - Conflict management

T1.12 - Reporting

T2.1 - Updating needs analysis and development of an inventory

T2.2 - Development of training trainers schedule

T2.3 - 4-months English language course for CA teachers

T2.4 - Online CPD training sessions

T2.5 - Summer school at Issyk-Kul

T2.6 - Study tours at IMU and FHJ

T2.7 - Second-wave training seminars

T2.8 - Equipment for nutrition labs

T3.1 - Development of innovative N&D courses/ modules

T3.2 - Development of innovative learning scenarios

T3.3 - Development of A Guide in Research Methods in N&D

T4.1 - Recruiting students to new courses/modules Launching N&D courses/modules

T4.3 - To conduct International Days at target Universities

T4.4 - Implementation of innovative learning scenarios

T4.5 - Teaching innovative research methods in N&D using digital apps and new equipment

T5.1 - The establishment of QA group of the project

T5.2 - Development of the project Quality Assurance plan

T5.3 - Training on QA

T5.4 - Establishment of the project self-monitoring system

T5.5 - Development and introduction of institutional internal QA systems

T5.6 - External project evaluation

T6.1 - Development of the Communication and Dissemination Strategy

T6.2 - Development of the project Sustainability Strategy

T6.3 - Creation of a BERNICA project cloud box and social group chat

T6.4 - Development of the BERNICA project website

T6.5 - Issue of the BERNICA online newsletter

T6.6 - Dissemination of the project results through project’s social media accounts, mass media, posters and publications

T6.7 - Presentation of the project results at various local & international events

T6.8 - Organizing and conducting the final project conference    

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